Vision and Values

Our Vision

Working with the community and collaboratively with partners is central to our ethos. Our vision is to empower everyone in Holbeck to make more informed choices to live longer, happier lives.

Over the years our services have evolved to cater for the wider community – however, supporting, engaging and working with people in later years of living remains at the heart of our work.

Today, Holbeck Together is for all generations and we are proud to be a community anchor situated in the centre of Holbeck. Our services continue to develop and evolve and we’re eager to hear from the community about what they want to see locally. We want to make Holbeck the best place to live, work and play.

Our Purpose

Utilising our extensive and specialist experience to collaboratively provide high-quality services for the community, improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Our Values


We put local people in the lead: facilitating people to drive service development and to become empowered leaders. Working together with a range of partners, including local people, organisations and businesses we are able to build a strong network of connections.

Inclusion and Diversity

As an organisation, we understand that barriers to participation take many forms and often intersect, including age, socio-economic background, ethnicity, gender, health, ability and values.  We are committed to providing opportunities for all people, person-centred services, and facilitating connections between groups.


It is important for us to lead by example with honesty, transparency, and moral integrity. Building mutual respect and trust, upholding core commitments to confidentiality and professional accountability, and delivering the highest quality services.


We understand the opportunities for learning, self-development and cultivating new skills are fundamental to personal wellbeing. We will work alongside the community to identify and deliver support and activities to encourage personal development.

Our Traits


Understanding people as unique individuals and listening to their circumstances, with kindness, sympathy and generosity. Working towards an understanding of the depth of a person’s situation.


We will be open and welcome to people on an equal footing regardless of demographic or background. Welcoming all people without judgement; being friendly, approachable and warm.


Providing advice, guidance, reassurance and encouragement. A commitment to being reliable and going the extra mile to help find practical solutions. We are committed to innovation, reflective practice and responsive services.


Aspiring to provide the very best services, working with enthusiasm and determination, and being ambitious with our expectations. A commitment to never giving up.


We encourage everyone to feel empowered to act in a nimble way to respond to the changing needs of our community. Being alert and responsive are key traits of our delivery team.

Supporters of Holbeck Together