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At Holbeck Together we are supported by grants, contracts and donations. Contributions come in all shapes and sizes but all of them make a difference.

Heart of Holbeck

Heart of Holbeck has been developed by Holbeck Together to enable local businesses to engage with the communities of Holbeck. By providing a trusted and targeted way of offering support, Heart of Holbeck puts local business at the forefront of ensuring the whole community benefits from the changes that are happening in our area.


You can volunteer with Holbeck Together in a variety of ways which support the Holbeck Community. Whether you want to get involved on monthly, weekly or daily basis, we believe that there is a space for everyone in our volunteer team. We know that everyone brings their own unique skills and personality to the table and as such we endeavour to tailor volunteering opportunities to each individual where possible.

The 500 Challenge

We’re looking for individuals, businesses, schools, churches and clubs to raise £500 towards support, care and advice in Holbeck for those who need it most.

Supporters of Holbeck Together