When lockdown began in March 2020, we quickly mobilised our staff, resources and growing team of volunteers to expand our ‘meals on wheels’ outreach service to everyone who needed it.

Since then, we have cooked and delivered over 11,000 meals. These have included two-course lunches and supper options, four days a week, over many weekends. We try to make the meals as special as possible, particularly to mark occasions like VE Day and Yorkshire Day.

With the launch of our Dinner Jackets service, we now provide a meal delivery service five days a week. This includes our clients’ favourite – Fish and Chips – which we deliver every Friday lunchtime with the generous support of Park Fisheries.

A client receiving our ‘summer holiday themed’ lunch

We also operate a social supermarket every Thursday from 10am-2pm at St Matthew’s. It is important that people wanting to access this service call the office beforehand to book a slot and enable social distancing.

We usually provide meals for our clients at St Matthew’s Community Centre and other locations, which not only give them a delicious, nutritious meal, but also a chance to connect and socialise with their friends and peers:

  • 3- Course Lunch/ Fish & Chip Lunch/ Community Café: Four times a week Holbeck Together provides regular hot meals to older adults in the heart of the community. We provide a warm, welcoming environment for clients to meet new people whilst having freshly cooked, healthy meals. Held at St Matthews Community Centre and other venues locally.
  • Sunday Lunches: One Sunday a month Holbeck Together staff and volunteers provide a hot Sunday lunch to the older adult community of Holbeck. These lunches are very popular as people enjoy getting together and having a healthy, freshly cooked meal on a weekend.

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