Being You Leeds

Being You Leeds provides groups, activities and training and awareness sessions for community wellbeing across Leeds.

Being You Leeds promotes positive well-being with people in Leeds in 3 ways:

  • Providing groups and activities focusing on wellbeing. These fun, welcoming groups run 7 days a week, including weekends, and are based on activities chosen by group members.
  • Providing training and awareness-raising sessions to staff and volunteers working in community organisations and to members of the general public in Leeds.
  • Tackling Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination, through all of our activities and training, campaigns and with a strategic partnership.

A partnership of third-sector organisations run Being You Leeds. This partnership is made up of Touchstone, Barca, Hamara, Health for All, Holbeck Together, LS14 Trust, Women’s Health Matters, Community Links and Humans Being.

Groups and Activities

Being You Leeds run groups and activities seven days a week, including on evenings and weekends in local venues across Leeds.

To find out more about our groups, visit the main page on the MindWell website.

Training and Awareness-Raising

Being You Leeds run mental health training to help educate others on mental health and how to best support people struggling with their mental health.

Visit our main page on the MindWell website for more information. 

Anti-Stigma Work

At Being You Leeds we are positive about mental health and we challenge discrimination and stigma around mental health through our anti-stigma work.

Please visit our main page on the MindWell website to find out more about our work on anti-stigma.

You can also click here to check out our opportunities to volunteer as an Anti-Stigma Champion.

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