We have a full calendar of activities which are run on a weekly basis for all of the Service Users to participate in.  Please contact Matthew Springthorpe if you are interested in attending any of the groups listed, we always welcome new people into the Holbeck Together community.

Weekly Activities

  • ‘Just Come along & Sing’

This group provide an avenue for older adults to sing for the joy, health and camaraderie of song regardless of experience and expertise. No prior singing experience is required, and you do not need to read music.  The emphasis is on singing for the fun of it.  The only requirement for joining us is a desire to sing.

  • 3- Course Lunch/ Fish & Chip Lunch/ Community Café

Twice a week Holbeck Together provide regular hot meals to older adults in the heart of the community providing a warm welcoming environment for service users to meet new people whilst having hot, freshly cooked healthy meals.  Held at St Matthews Community Centre.

  • Friendship Group/ Games Afternoon

Twice a week we hold our Friendship Group and Games Afternoon that provides an opportunity to come along and meet with friends old and new and socialise. Examples of activities that often take place are various games, quizzes, craft exercises, short trips out and much more.

  • Shopping to Morrison’s

Twice a week Holbeck Together provide return transport for older adults in the community to the Morrison’s Supermarket, Hunslet. This outing ensures that our service users can remain independent and continue to do their own shopping with support.

  • Chair Based Exercise

This weekly gentle exercise group engages with older adults that provides the opportunity to participate in exercise that can be practised in the class or at home.  This helps to to maintain independence and prevent possible injuries whilst supporting them to remain active and mobile.

  • Craft Group

The craft group provides regular opportunity to be creative and learn new skills whilst making new friends through the sharing of different ideas and craft techniques.

Other Activities

  • Bingo Afternoons

Once a month we hold a Bingo Afternoon at the local St Matthews Community Centre.

  • Saturday Shopping with Roy

On the second Saturday of every month Roy, our Holbeck Together driver provides transport for older adults in Holbeck to visit a variety of different shopping centres. These outings help older people to get out and about on weekends.

  • Sunday Lunches

One Sunday a month Holbeck Together staff and volunteers provide a hot Sunday lunch to the older adult community of Holbeck. These lunches are proving to be very popular as people enjoy getting together and having a healthy, freshly cooked meal on a weekend.

  • Ten-Pin Bowling Outing

This monthly outing creates an opportunity to keep active by engaging with our ten-pin bowling group. All are welcome to a warm and modern environment irrespective of experience of ability levels.  Transport available.

  • Pub Meal Trips

On a monthly basis Holbeck Together provide outings to various pubs and restaurants in Yorkshire.

  • Showcase Cinema Outings

Once a month our service users visit Showcase Cinema De Lux, Birstall to view the latest releases at the box office.  This group provides the opportunity for older people to be supported in order to see the latest film releases in luxury.

  • Theatre Group

Over the course of the year Holbeck Together provides access to theatre performances located around Yorkshire. Visiting theatres such as The Leeds Grand Theatre,  The York Grand Opera House and others.  This group is proving to be popular amongst our service users. We also offer a payment plan to make the affordability of these outings more inclusive to all who wish to attend.  We offer a passenger assisted Transport service for this activity.

  • Trip Group

Throughout the year Holbeck Together provide access to a variety of leisure destinations across the North of England. Outings include, visits to the seaside town of Whitby,  seeing the animals of Knowsley Safari Park, A gentle walk around Golden Acre Park.   We also offer a payment plan to make the affordability of these outings more inclusive to all who wish to attend.

Supporters of Holbeck Together