Recognising Our Holbeck Heroes

22nd December 2020

It’s been a challenging year, to say the least. When we think back to Christmas 2019 and our plans for the coming year, it’s incredible to think of how much has changed.

The everyday things that were the bread and butter of our work were suddenly no longer viable and we had to completely reinvent the way we support the community. We stepped up support in many areas and adapted our approach according to need and in line with the evolving guidelines.

It was a big ask but our amazing volunteer team rose to the challenge. Their contributions this year have been above and beyond and we want to personally thank everyone who help us keep the wheels turning. Despite many obstacles, they have helped to ensure those who needed support received it.

From pitching in with whatever was needed on the day, to trying their hand at new tasks and roles, and always going the extra mile; our volunteers’ hard work and compassion has been a shining light and an inspiration to the whole staff team at Holbeck Together.

Without their help this year we wouldn’t have been able to: deliver 11,000+ meals directly to our older clients’ homes, provide 1,500+ meals to families locally, shop on behalf of someone who couldn’t get out 182 times, provide food relief through our 1,800+ food parcels, provide wellbeing support to more than 2,700 times, or provide almost 2,000 at home activity packs for our older community and young families. None of it would have been possible without their help.

Words don’t seem to be enough to convey our gratitude for these contributions this year. At a time when everyone was challenged by the crisis, it is a remarkable thing to look outwards at helping others, rather than pulling back and looking inwards.

Here’s to friendship and community spirit in 2021 – we can’t wait to continue our great project next year.

Supporters of Holbeck Together