Welcome to the new Holbeck Together

14th November 2019

Since 1992 we have been privileged to be part of the Leeds City Council Neighbourhood Network Scheme, primarily supporting people in later years of living in Holbeck. We are proud of the way our community have embraced and encouraged us to expand and evolved as a local resource. 

As we enter this new chapter, we’ve been asking our community what they would like to see from us moving forward. 

People told us how important it is to connect with others where they live and work – about the pride they feel in calling Holbeck home. 

People talked to us about the value of neighbourliness, community and friendships.

People told us that they want to see an anchor in the community; a reliable resource and somebody you know is always going to be there. 

And from these conversations we felt empowered to take a fresh look at our role in the community. We’re now in the position to expand and welcome all people from the community into our family.

Who we are and what we do will not change. Our older generations will remain pivotal to the next stage of our journey, but we now have a new name that welcomes people of all ages. 

Our door is always open.

If you need advice, help or support, would like to come along to an event or activity, want to find out about volunteering or have an idea about what you want to see happening in Holbeck, give us a call or pop in. 

We welcome your ideas, your skills and your participation. 

See you soon!

Supporters of Holbeck Together