Support from the Leeds Community

12th January 2023

A huge thank you to the Morgan family who held their annual fundraising event at Harvey Nichols in support of our work, and Re-establish who also work in the Holbeck community with young people.

Over £8,000 was raised for each charity – a much-needed cash injection to enable us to practically help people facing day-to-day choices about basic needs such as heating or eating.

“Over the past few years, supporting these small but powerful charities has become a big part of our lives. Together, we can do more. Our guests, who have been coming along to the party for years to enjoy our hospitality, have embraced the new fundraising ambition of the ‘Morgans Christmas Party’ without hesitation and we are delighted that we are now able to raise around £16,000 each year to support our friends in Holbeck. It is our intention to cement this event in the annual calendar and we very much look forward to nurturing many new relationships along the way.”

Additional thanks to everyone who attended that event and donated towards both chosen charities that evening. Your support is vital and makes a big difference to people’s lives.

Supporters of Holbeck Together